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Mokuzo specializes in making handmade, high quality Sayas & Wa-Handles to meet the individual needs of Chefs, cooks, home cooks alike who wish to take proper care of their blades in order to preserve their sharp edges safely while complementing the beauty of these great culinary tools.

Japanese Knife Customization
 Japanese Knife, Knife Sayas

What is a Saya??

Saya (鞘) is the Japanese term for a scabbard, and specifically refers to the scabbard for a sword or knife. In this case, they are a way for the professional Cook or Chefs to travel from point A to point B while keeping their knives sharp edges from clashing and rattling against each other causing any damage.


Why you need a Saya?

If you're concerned about keeping your blades in optimal condition and away from your fingers, a saya is definitely a good idea. It also makes knives easier to pack in your knife roll or bag on the way to/from work.

Need a Saya or want to get your knife fully customized??



  • ​A Quick look in to the History of knife making.

  • Learn about the Process of Making a High Quality Knife.

  • ​​Where to get the Best Deal!

  • ​How to keep your Blade in Top Shape!

  • ​My personal thoughts on the Most Popular Brands.

  • ​​My favorite Custom Knife Makers.

  • ​& Much More! 

Japanese knife Repair
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 Repair Service

Whether you are a Professional Chef or a Home Cook, bad things can happen to your blades. No matter if its Heavy Rust, Broken Tips, Chipped Edges or just a simple Re-Sharpening,

I got you covered!

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Got questions??

 Visit our F.A.Q. page first and if you need more answers, Feel

 free to send us a message but don't forget to mention:

  • Size of the knives

  • Style of Saya :Basic or Pro.

  • Type of wood you are interested in.